Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yes, you are my soul

Presence of you is everywhere at every stoP
Panacea at any time ,you keep me at the toP

Over your memories my heart swings to &  frO
Only you are the only truth where i w'll gO

Eternal and always prominent, you are my lifE
Everyday and  anytime ,you protect my pridE

Trust can be broken but you  can'T
The world can change but you are always presenT

Respect you give and make me brighteR
Rise with me in spring ,in autumn you do prayeR

Yes, you are my soul ,who make me happY
Yacht of my life,you are  my  lone poetrY

1 comment:

  1. नाम वही, काम वही लेकिन हमारा पता बदल गया है। आदरणीय ब्लॉगर आपने अपने ब्लॉग पर iBlogger का सूची प्रदर्शक लगाया हुआ है कृपया उसे यहां दिए गये लिंक पर जाकर नया कोड लगा लें ताकि आप हमारे साथ जुड़ें रहे।
    इस लिंक पर जाएं :::::


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